Let's turn philanthropy into a social norm

Become an advocate for the causes you love

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Discover what inspires you.

With Norm, companies and nonprofits upload volunteer opportunites that you can easily search for and join.

Become an advocate & inspire others.

Share the best photos from your experiences to give free exposure to the nonprofits you help.

You can expand your reach by choosing to share to your other social profiles (facebook, twitter, etc.)

Support the causes you love.

Safely and securely donate to any nonprofit from the Norm app. Finally, a convenient way to track all of your charitable contributions.

Oh, and Norm's processing fee...0%.

Leave the rest to us...

Norm builds your philanthropic resume showing your photos, hours, contributions, etc.

We also automatically compile your photos on the profiles of the nonprofits and companies that you volunteer with.

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Let's turn volunteering into a social norm


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